Stay Strong for Logan Miller Benefit Dinner

Come enjoy a 4 course dinner to celebrate and support Logan Miller and his family
Date: Sunday, March 13
Time: 6:00 p.m.
Donation Request: $100.00 per person
Proceeds go to help with ongoing medical expenses.
Call 541-549-2699 for reservations

Logan's story...
16 year old Logan Miller of Bend, Oregon, was driving to his high school in Sisters on 1/6/16 when he was involved in a car accident and suffered a traumatic brain injury. He is currently in ICU at St. Charles Hospital, Bend.  Ron and Nye Miller are at his bedside and focused on his recovery. Logan's many friends want to support the Miller family and this fundraiser has been set up to help Logan achieve his future dreams.

Big Changes for Jen's Garden...Check your email and here online for more infromation

Dear Family, Friends and Valued Customers,
As the owners of Jen's Garden, TR and I are happy and very excited to announce some significant changes that will soon transpire at Jen's Garden.
The restaurant industry is very dynamic and changes as time goes on. What may have been the original focus of Jen's Garden has morphed over time and we are looking to redirect our efforts to sincerely focus on our original intention for our restaurant. 
Our initial vision was that Jen's Garden would be a little cottage where guests could gather for exceptionally good food, sourced locally when possible, prepared with skill and creativity and accessible to anyone wanting a high quality culinary experience.
What we have seen over the years is that Jen's Garden has become a 'special event destination'. While we are happy to offer a lovely meal in a beautiful environment, we did not set out to become exclusive or a place mainly frequented for special occasions.  We wanted to be accessible and our food enjoyed by many.
One of the great joys of owning your own business is the fact that you can mold and change it as trends and situations transpire.
It is with that mindset that we are proud to announce some epic changes that will happen at Jen's Garden.
As of mid April, Jen's Garden will reopen as The Cottonwood Cafe.... a breakfast and lunch restaurant serving a menu of creative, affordable, high quality, house created fare. The atmosphere will be casual, the food fantastic and the environment welcoming to all.  In addition, we will offer occasional wine dinners, special event evenings and be available for both private parties and fundraising events.
Jen's Garden has enjoyed an incredibly successful 10 year run which is rare in the industry.  We look at this as an opportunity to hand create yet another dining option in our beautiful small town.
How will this happen?
Jen's Garden will continue in it's current fashion until the end of February.  We will then close in order to make some improvements and changes to the appearance, the kitchen, signage etc.  With great enthusiasm we will reopen mid April as The Cottonwood Cafe.
We are very excited about this upcoming venture and hope you will follow us into 2015 and the future as we create another great venue with amazing food and beautiful energy.
With appreciation,
Jennifer and TR